staying positive

January 2, 2009 at 9:24 pm

Julie as you know my husband passed Nov. 21st. One of the things the people at his work told me, they would say How are you doing? They told me he always replied never better. My husband tried to stay positive to the end. When someone called him on the phone, and asked how are you doing he never let them know how much pain he was in. Your thread could be words for any one to live by. Just think what a nice place our society would be if no one ever complained or griped and everyone was just happy. I needed to read your words. Today for no reason I was just thinking about something that reminded of my husband and I started crying. It is still hard for me. I think when I start to school Jan. 20th and have a purpose in life I will feel better. Until now my only goal was to take care of my husband, and now I want to help people by being a med. assistant.