stay away from statins

March 30, 2010 at 9:19 pm

Statin drugs(Lipitor,Zocor,Mevacor, Pravachol,Lescol) block an enzyme needed to make cholesterol & also blocks the production of coenzyme Q10 which is essential for a healthy heart and muscles. (People with heart disease have low levels of CoQ10. The biggest danger of statins is liver disease. If you take some Tylenol and a few alcohol drinks along with statins you are overloading your liver. Two close friends were on a statin. One had leg pains and they left when he got off the drug. Another got intention tremors in his hands & had difficulty writing. His symptoms subsided after he stopped his statin…but they are not totally gone yet. There are many supplements you can take – such as Niaciin (do not get the “no flush ” kind – just take it with food so you don’t get a flush – red faces shows it is opening your blood vessels.
I took MaxEPA and it collected in my system since it is fat soluble and made me hyperallergic until it left my system…ice cream headaches, brain freeze, etc. I tried other types and could not take them either. There is a great book called Prescription Alternatives by Earl Mindell who also wrote the Vitamin Bible.