Starting initial Treatment

October 27, 2008 at 9:13 am

Updating My thread, Hi Folks!!

I have seen my Neurologist for the 5th time Since March 08. He has developed a handle on my particular situation just like You said Linda.
The EMG Last Friday showed very similar to the previous one 6 months earlier.
Brown is firm on Multifocal CIDP rather than MMN due to the serious pain I have been living with for several years.

Apparently my strength gains are being attributed to a short lived remission but more of a control of Pain. As I had finally found pain meds that worked for me, My mobility has become much better. I have minor increase in sensory loss at a blockage below the RH knee. Being I have perfect health vital signs, normal BMI and no other issues, we are going to go with a 3 month trial of Prednisone and see how that works First. Starting at 60mg,50,40,30 then 20 for intervals of 3 weeks. I am excited to see how this goes but scaired because Once we get started, this can rock the stability I have had and open up Pandora’s Box. Here we go. Tim 😮