Stanford Hospital

July 19, 2006 at 4:25 am

Hi! My Name Is Alofa I Live In Hawaii. I’m At Da End Of My Journey. I’m A Gbs Patient Thats Going On My 6th Yr. Of Recovery. I Spent 9/months In The Hospital Back In 1/2001.
Got Sent Home On A Gurney Been Through Aquatic, Physical & Occupational Therapy As A Outpatient Patient. With All Different Therapists, Now My Neuro Is Saying It’s No Hope Of Gaining Back My Hands & Leggs Since It’s Been Too Long.
I’ve Been Patience, Cooperative & Even Rested For 2yrs. To See If That Would Make Any Difference. It Did But Not Much. It’s The Gap Of Waiting For Approval From My Medical Insurance. That Pisse’s Me Off Cause When I’m Doing So Good Than The Therapist Tells Me We Have To Wait For More Approval. It’s Like A 1-2 Months Wait Than When I Go Back. I’ve Lost Everything That I Have Gained When I Was Consisstently Seen For Therapy.
Please, I Am Asking For Help Or For A Second Opinion From The Doctor’s At Stanford. If There’s Anyway Possible To See Me? To Run More Tests Or Research Through My Case. Seeking More Help Other Than Hawaii. I’m Willing To Travel To Find Out More Results. Where There’s A Will There’s A Way. I Still Have The Drive & Will Power To Do Anything & Everything.
I’m Reaching Out to Anyone & Everyone. To Please, Put Me On The Right Track………