Stage three of red tape hell

February 7, 2007 at 2:59 pm

Hi all,
I never even thought of filing for Soc.Sec.Disability until reading threads on this site. THANKS TA YOUSE GUYS!
I first applied in September 06. Two months later, I had a telephone interview with someone at Soc. Sec. Then, in December, a stack of new forms about “Activities of Daily Living” had to be filled out.
Ya see, last summer, two of my doctors gave me two years left to my life. I have dealt with that, and I live with reality and at least I have the advance knowledge of it and am planning things so it will be easier on my life-partner after I am gone, dealing with the business and other things. I know what the two doctors told me is true, as things are now happeneing exactly how they told me things would happen. BUT I DON’T WANT TO GO INTO THAT NOW….

So, I called my person assigned to me, at Soc. Sec., and asked, “How much more diabled can you be, than a prognosis of death within 2 years?”.
His response was that they still needed all the new forms filled out, no matter what…YEESH…

So, then I get a letter in January, that now, on FEB9, I have to go and see one of their neurologists, who is going to perform a never and muscle test, so they can see for themselves…
I then called back the person at SS, and asked if he didn’t get all my records from my doctors. He replied he got over 200 pages from my G.P., on all the things that happened in the past 5 years, but it didn’t show a prognosis. Same with my neuro, and Pulmonologist…YEESH.
Back on to the phone calling each of my doctors to fax SS my prognosis.
…Called back my SS guy, and he said that according to SS rules, I still must do this test on this Froday, so they can see for themselves…
So, I wanted to reach this doctor I am supposed to see, to see if I should bring in any records, since I always keep a copy of my records, (two boxes full), as well as copies of my films from MRI’s and CAT scans.
So, I first call information….there is no doctor under that name/address listed in the phone book. Since I live in north county San Diego, I decide to try maybe to see if this guy had an office way down in San Diego. Yeah, information had a listing there. So, I called the office there, and asked the staff person about this. Her response was, “Yes, he performs all kinds of tests, (neuro, as well as any kind of test requested by SS), for people with Social Security. And this is all kept hush-hush, and all info is kept strictly between the doctor himself and Social Security, No staff member is to have anmy type of dicussion, and no records are kept with his staff. She could nor would anwer my simple question about bringing in records. Wow–so I don’t even know if this guy is a neurologist—WOW-THIS IS SOMETHING OUT OF A SPACE CADETS…LOL
So, now I wait the last two days for this final stage, (I hope), before they decide if I do or do not get accepted. And I find it weird I am seeing a doctor that I don;t even know if he is a neuro. WOW
And I see through various threads, some of you don’t get accepted and have to use one of those Social Security lawyers you see advertised on TV all the times, until you finally get accepted.
has anyone else gone through this crap?