SSI/SSDI, Benefit & Employment Resources

August 28, 2006 at 10:07 pm

[B]Social Security[/B] has a [B]benefit assessment tool [/B]that you can access online at: [url][/url]

Your local [B]Bar Association[/B] can refer you to attorneys specializing in Social Security appeals.

[B]The Independent Living Centers[/B] (located in the Government pages of your phone book) may be able to help you with your advocacy needs regarding Social Security and other disability related issues.

Additionally, [B]Disability Program Navigators [/B](seated in One-Stop Employment Centers around the country) can also direct you to resources for obtaining Social Security benefits, including training, employment, accommodation and other transitional services following a disability.

Linda Schaedle
Disability Program Navigator
Career One-Stop Center