December 25, 2008 at 4:34 am

Ok – just check out this multimedia workstation! We spent the last three days rearranging the house and putting the desk together. Don’t worry, the desk only took a couple of hours… it was the rest of the stuff. And without going into too much detail… THIS THING IS AWESOME! It’s exactly what I needed and wanted. As you can see from the picture I’ve got everything I need within reach except for the bathroom! And check out all that stuff! That TV is 16 years old and still works perfect – LOVE Sony, quality stuff. And this desk is quality stuff too – I think I could ride this through a hurricaine and come out just fine. It’s so sturdy I’m not going to be able to break it no matter how clumsy I get. The desk is heavy but I have no trouble sitting in the lounge chair pulling it back and forth. My only trouble is a persistant tendancy to step on the wheel brake locks which confuses me when I try to move it next. That’s just user error – it’s not completely idiot proof! 😉 Anyway, it’s the best Christmas present I’ve had in years and years. Merry Christmas everyone!

(please ignore the grungy floors and art table – there used to be a lot of paint flying around this room and we’re still in transition)


Oh dear, I have to comment on that knife that I forgot was in the picture – it’s just a joke, we were taking these to show my parents and hubby wanted them to know I was well protected in a close up fight… it’s just a joke so don’t go thinking I’m all psycho or anything. I should also point out that the portion of the desk that my laptop and drawing pad are on elevates from a standing position to all the way lying down so I can use it completely reclined or sitting or even standing up if I have the leg strength for that.