Spinal Tap- one of many tools

September 6, 2010 at 1:50 am

A doctor might order a spinal tap for too many reasons to list here.

I can safely say this- some people with abnormal spinal taps have cidp, or some other problem. And, some people, such as myself, have a normal spinal tap yet still have cidp or one of it’s variants.

It is as northernguitar guy said- get the test and then get the doctor’s answer.

I’ll say it again. Just because you get a normal spinal tap, with Normal values typically range as follows:

* Pressure: 70 – 180 mm H20
* Appearance: clear, colorless
* CSF total protein: 15 – 60 mg/100 mL
* Gamma globulin: 3 – 12% of the total protein
* CSF glucose: 50 – 80 mg/100 mL (or greater than 2/3 of blood sugar level)
* CSF cell count: 0 – 5 white blood cells (all mononuclear), and no red blood cells
* Chloride: 110 – 125 mEq/L

It doesn’t mean you are normal!