Specific for Beth

June 27, 2009 at 10:46 pm

I got tired of typing with the last, but had a couple of other specific comments for Beth.
there is something called a migraine equivalent that can lead to transient paralysis without a headache. It is called a migraine equivalent, because there is no evidence of a stroke/TIA and it is presumed that the cause of the damage is due to spastisity in the blood vessels in a way similar to happens with migraines.
I started with arm symptoms several months before all the rest of this stuff too–not paralysis, but lots of pain and limitation in ability to move. The orthopedic surgeon did not think it was a rotator cuff issue, because the pain started in above the elbow and the limitations were not consistent with this. One of the discussions since then is that there can be a serious inflammation of the brachial plexus–the collection of nerves that supply the arm. this can cause symptoms just in the arm. Because it is an autoimmune/inflammatory neuropathy, it can also generalize to then cause symptoms in other nerves. If you had arm or shoulder pain, it might be worth asking your neurologist about this.
WithHope for a cure of these diseases