Sounds like many of us have this problem

August 21, 2008 at 6:37 am

Sounds like many of us in here have this problem for some reason. One of my biggest fears is knowing about my mother and grandmother. My mom’s side of her family has heart disease really bad. I already have her high cholesterol problem. They get blockages and have mild heart aatacks without knowing it and their EKGS show up normal. My grandmother’s first heart attack that showed up on EKG only showed a mild attack. After she got admitted and did the Cath she only had 1 opening left in her heart that could get a stint. All the other openings were severely damaged.
My mother had a mild heart attack and she showed a normal EKG. They did a stress test on her and had to admit her and do a Cath and found two blockages that were 90 percent blocked. So EKG’s in my family are not always accurate testing for us. One of my cousins which is younger than me too had the same thing happen, both of my uncles and several of my grand mothers sisters did the same thing too. So anything to do with my heart scares me. Especially knowing what I know!