sounds like gbs

December 23, 2008 at 6:13 am

I would say no no no flu shoot and find doc who knows g b s cause we had similar prob in richmond ind and they did two lumbars second one showed gbs high proteen in spinal fliud and mri was normal first time but second time found a mess. so if he goes down hill again please before he does find nero/doc who knows about gbs so your son does,nt go though what I and many others have yes bladder probs man cant say any more about that but I think its gbs mild case like mine but it turned into bad later started healing then 3months later it went other way and stable after 3weeks but here after 3yrs still unable to work or run need wheel chair to go in store cant walk any distance with out help.So please find nero/and doc cause better be safe than sorry thanks and good luck praying for you in indiana jim …