sound’s same

January 4, 2009 at 2:02 am

This sound’s same as me but my doc knew what it was lucky for me I guess.Only way to discribe pain still 3yrs later being hit with hamer in back legs feet an hand’s.Sad thing they said mine was’nt bad but that I will never be same as I was before.I can walk very short distance in house with out cain an somtimes to garage but when I try and walk to corner can’t make it with out help of cain or wheel chair.AND WHAT TAKE’ KID’S 3MIN TAKE’S ME 10 TO 15 MIN CAN’T CONTROL MUSCLES.See after attack was over an started to get feeling back TO NORMAL it stopped and stayed for year or more then went back down losing muscle mass in legs an arm’s so weak cant work out much.But that dont stop me it’s the pain THAT STOPS ME WICH IS IN 5 MIN OF STARTING LOL.Then it’s nap time lol but dont stop cause that’s not going to guess were I was lucky by not getting real bad I WAS NOT IN SINCE THAT I’M NOT GOING TO FULLY RECOVER.bUT IM OK WITH NOW IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS NOW SORRY ABOUT CAPS MY HANDS ACTING UP.AND GOD HAS BEEN GREAT TO ME I HAVE WIFE AN KIDS WHO LOVE ME AN STAND BY ME AN HELP WHEN IM TO STUBERN TO TAKE UNTIL I FALL LOL. SO GUESS WHAT IM SAYING IS JUST GIVE IT TO GOD AN THANK HIM THAT YOU CAN WORK CAUSE I CANT AN MANY CANT SO IM VERY HAPPY FOR ANYONE WHO GETS THAT PART BACK SHOWS ME GOD IS ANSWERING MY PRAYERS FOR YOU GUYS AN GALS.THANKS JIM OH YES PLEASE PRAY THAT I KICK THIS SMOKING HABIT WITH NO WITH DRAWS THAT SCARES ME WITH NERVE DAMAGE CAUSE I SHAKE WHEN I SMOKE .THANKS:D GABBY JIM:D 😀