Sorry to hear that Flossie!

June 3, 2009 at 7:37 am

I know that really put you down hearing that! I remember when Stem Cell Research came out and was so excited to hear we had a possible cure for many diseases. Beginning stage stem cell research was not all together back then and a few of my friends traveled overseas to get the transplant. But theirs failed. As a result two of them died!

Everytime I hear of a new drug for Lupus, I get all excited and then get disappointed again! 🙁 All we can do right now Flossie is deal with what we have and try to except it. Easier said than done though! But we have one thing that nobody can take away. HOPE! Lets keep hoping! Maybe one day we won’t see anymore diseases like we have and a cure!

I have been dealing with my disease 20 years plus! I have lasted this long maybe I will get lucky and last another 20 years. But just hope I have some quality of life. I feel for you! Really do! Just wished we all coud be 100 percent well again. Sending you a Cyber Hug!
Linda H