sorry in advance but i have to vent on this one!

August 14, 2006 at 7:57 pm

who is the admin nazzi anyway?

i’ve been around the www since before it was the www, when it was merely a bunch of unix computers owned by schools and government (federal, state, and local that are mostly referred to via .edu and .gov nowadays) which passed text-based emails via uucp through known nodes nationally – and then later globally – overnight via dial up connections of less than 1200 baud.

i’ve been dealing with unix since 1980 (oops! didn’t mean to show my age) and i am a huge believer in the openness of this technology from the beginning. censorship of most any kind is not necessary and not desired. there WERE many links on this forum to fantastic information – which i can no longer access since they have been deleted. didn’t see a need to have to bookmark every good link given here since it was merely a simple topic search to find the link and access it again.

this is for both the admin and those who have been complaining about advertisments and undesireable content. there will ALWAYS be the bad with the good and you must realize this people! ignore the bad, it usually goes away, this is 20+ years of administration experience talking. most of the time, the bad is trying to elicit a response … and it looks like the bad has accomplished it’s goal here! (which is usually to have some kind of impact, be it bad or good). grow up people! stop being so thin skinned! the price of free will is having to deal with the bad on a regular basis! deal with it! ignore it! it WILL go away.

oh well, probably just ticked off a bunch of folks, but really – act like children, get treated as such … and look! it happened. tisk tisk tisk admin. shame on you. shame on all of us now … this could well be my last post here, we will see won’t we?

does this mean i should delete the link to from my website? after all, don’t want folks exposed to bad content and censorship …

oh yea, almost forgot. administration of a website IS a fulltime job, to think otherwise is naive at best. however, most servers have a way to block access to certain ip addresses. also, there are great tools like spam assassin and others that allow admins to filter content, emails, and posts.