sorry i make you mad

July 24, 2009 at 2:22 pm

i am listening to everyones advice but there are other issues with my parents. they control my bank accounts and my appointments it has to do with my mental health issues and circumatances, i am going to have my mom look at these posts whan she gets back she is in California right now. i dont understand the neuro and his wait and see attitude but he is the 3rd dr for me. he came recommended by another patient. the first docotr which was on top of things and going to do treatment left her practice and i cant find her new one. left the 2nd to go to the 3rd. so i have pursued other doctors. they mention a course of treatment but dont do it. i begining to wonder if it is not in my head although other peopole like my therapists have noticed a change. Maybe this is just how i will be the rest of my life? please dont get frustrated i have enouogh people yelling at me daily then i come here for refuge asnd advice and get the same thing.