Sorry for the late response …

November 29, 2010 at 6:32 pm


I had no problem getting the ampyra … my doctor had it preapproved and the pharmacy called to set up the delivery. My neuro also was able to get me Namenda, which was developed to respond to neuropathy pain but has only been approved for Alzheimer’s. I’m sure my insurance sees the wide range of meds I take and approves them all because my doctor takes the time to explain why I should take certain prescriptions. But I guess I will soon find out how understanding my insurance company is as I have my evaluation for SCT in Jan!!!

I have pain in my feet all the time – the longer I walk on them, the higher the pain. I still have reasonable strength, it is the pain that limits me. I believe the ampyra is somehow soothing my nerves, allowing them to function better. I understand it is only temporary as this is not a cure and the CIDP is still taking over, but I can walk a little farther than before (the pain would overtake me, making it difficult to walk at all). Right now I’m home in bed rather than at work due to high pain … sigh … it is a long walk from my car to my office. Before the ampyra, I used crutches to take some of the pressure off my feet. Now I can usually make the walk without aid.

Hope this helps,