sore feet

April 26, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Starr, welcome to the group 😀

I have CIDP and my feet are very bad.

I can’t walk long distances either.

I get the same sensations as you do.

I also get shooting pains that nearly drop me to the ground.

I find that overdoing it makes the pain worse!

I found that wearing a running show all day helps.

I also lay on my couch with my legs and feet going up the back of the couch to keep them elevated, seems to help with pain and swelling.

I got myself a small scooter so when I go shopping I can enjoy myself more.

At night I use a warm rice bag to help relax the feet and it also helps with the pain.

As for IVIG I was once on a three month schedule and Dawn pointed out the shelf life of IVIG is about 3 weeks.

I found I was in more and more pain as it got closer to IVIG day.

With Dawns information in hand I approached my doctor and got switched to a monthly schedule.

I get 90gms every month.

For the most part I find I am doing better and not in as much pain.

Hope that helps a little,
more people can give you more ideas.

Good luck
Rhonda from Canada