sore and weak leg

August 16, 2011 at 12:15 am

I too was a healthy 50 year old, health care professional, working 2 jobs, doing step aerobics a couple times per week. At work, they would advocate the flu vaccine for everyone. I’ve only received the flu vaccine three times, ’06, ’07, and ’08. I was dx with CIDP on November ’09. I had no previous illnesses or infection also. I am getting IVIG every 10 days; I’ve tried every 14 days three times already, but got weaker in the arms and legs.
I just don’t understand when my doctor tells me they have to “trial” me on every 14 days due to medical insurance reasons; i.e., to prove to the insurance that they did at least try, but it didn’t work. I am the one who ends up suffering, trying to recover back up my strength which takes 2 months.
I was also depressed, anxious, and I am constantly thinking what will happen in the future.
In June, I experienced leg, thigh, hip aches or soreness while walking. I usually walk 1 hour in the morning and 1 hr. in the evening. I didn’t know if it was nerve or muscle pain. I mentioned this to my doctor. I had a Nerve conduction/EMG done which did not show anything significant. She told me maybe it was my shoes, or I needed to stretch before my walks, or take yoga. The doctor said my “aches” was probably “mechanical”; maybe I am walking too much. Sometimes, I think doctors don’t really understand what kind of aches and pain we go through. Truly, I am experiencing these aches. I don’t think changing my shoes, yoga, or stretching will help.