Some things seem to be misunderstood?

October 28, 2008 at 12:21 pm

I lost all the weight right after my onset, I had trouble moving around [plus exhaustion + meds] at first and lost a lot of weight. It took a year and several 2nd opinions to get the CIDP diagnosis and the IVIG. Then, I didn’t gain weight until I was on IVIG for another 6 months and then for another year would gain four lbs each month and lose two each month. Now that I’m getting infusions at home, I’m getting a different brand and not gaining at all. I believe it’s different for each person. Believe me, I watch my weight like a hawk!
I DO tho, get that bloatish look after each round of infusions. It does go away in 2 weeks or so, tho.
Julie? I know what you mean about wedding rings! 6 months after my onset my thyroid went wacko and fingers swelled up…I got them off and haven’t been able to put them on again. The whole thought of that all is a depressing thing.
We get thru it all and we will continue to do so! What choice is there really?