Some questions?

December 28, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Do you know which brand of IVIG you’ve been given? And, did you keep a log on the rates? And doses? Lastly – Do you have a dermatologist? Go and see the Derm Doc ASAP! While the rash is present…they can’t do anything if they can’t SEE it! For me? I got the rash you describe and it took two tries to time the derm appointment w/the rash….Worth it totally. Two topical steroid ointment creams-first one for four-five days then the other..zapped it totally. IT is a reaction to either the IG combo? or the binders that make it available thru the IV. IF you web up the brand and look up the prescribing information? Under ‘side effects’ is a thing called ‘PURITIS’ – the Wicki definition along w/immune reaction aspects should give you clues that this is something you MUST treat with respect!
Not to mention you feel worse than if you’d gotten poison ivy? Scratch! Scratch! Itch! Scratch! NOT! Apply goop and forget! Or try to!
Warning, many neuros will go: Never heard of it! Just state you’d read the ‘prescribing information for that IG product’? And I bet your doc will treat you with a whole lot more respect!
OK for the headace? How many tylenol and or benedryl are you taking? Call your neuro ASAP about this! It’s nothing to be hesitant or squirrelley about AT ALL! I say this as I was taking 3 of each at first? Now since I’m on a different brand I only need to do the Benedryl…. Nice, but makes the rest of the day a total loss…with antihistimine doze…the the blow-back from not taking it afterwards? Wowsers, it’s hard on the sinuses!
Hope this helps! Keep faith and keep trying!