some more sct questions

November 30, 2010 at 10:22 pm

How bad do you think the cidp has to be to consider sct? In my case the numbness and weakness is in my feet,ankle and calve area. I can walk independently with no aids but it is a lot more tiring than before my cidp diagnosis. Cannot run anymore, can’t jump or skate. ski etc. Balance is not good. At this point it has not affected any body parts above my shins. I was pretty strong before so quads are still strong and sort of help out with lower body weakness. I have been following all your sct posts and this sounds much better than my current regiman of ivig every six weeks–which i guess is keeping things from progressing. But like was mentioned in your posts–why spend the rest of our lives with treatments if the sct is a cure!!! I guess my main question is how bad do you feel the cidp would have to be to consider sct to cure it. I currently work full time–would this be possible soon after sct? Thanks again for your posts on this topic and for taking the time to answer the many ?s about it. : ) Lori