Some big and some small improvements …

October 16, 2011 at 11:31 am

Yuehan – most of my improvements right now are in the pain area. Since my body is no longer under attack, the screaming pain has declined. The mobility and feeling in hands/feet will take longer to heal as it will be almost a year before the myelin sheath and nerves can repair – that is a slow process. I’m told improvement can continue for up to 5 years. I also was told that the nerve conduction study at 6 months usually does not show much improvement except in the area of demyelination (stopped and repairing) – but that the 1 year study shows significant improvement in nerve reaction. I am back at work (returned 10/11) and am working full-time. I have a desk job and am allowed to telework from home part of the week, so that all helps. While I still have the numbness, to be without so much of the pain is wonderful. However – I’ve also been told there will be pain involved as the nerves regenerate, so don’t want to offer false hope. I also have the sensory variant, so no muscle involvement. The recovery is different for everyone depending on the type and the amount of damage.

A friend of mine just got her sct this past Thur (10/13) and already has better mobility! This is truly an exciting and wonderful program!