Some bad news

March 7, 2008 at 3:14 pm

The doctor just told me that if I had gotten physio therapy right when I first got guillain barre syndrome 4 years ago I would not be like this today and that physiotherapy is not going to help me and that it all up to me whether or not I get function back to my legs or not. The idiots didn’t do physio when I first got it because they thought the stroke patients and othe acute care patients were more important. What a bummer I don’t really understand what he means it is all up to me. I want to walk and have been asking for help with my legs but all they say to do is visualization and I have but it’s not working so far and it just gets me frustrated. If he is not going to get physiotherapy to work with me what chances do I have in getting better.

I have questions though for those out there. Some nurses are starting to say that GBS is now starting to be linked with eating chicken that wasn’t fully cooked and also diet pops. Have anyone else heard about this as possible causes for GBS. Just wanting to know. They said the diet pops cause was in a study and the chicken connection they heard through a workshop on disease control. It could be possible about the chicken because I definatly had chicken before GBS whether it was fully cooked or not I don’t know.

Well hope you are all doing well take care