Soft Braces available

August 2, 2011 at 6:03 am

I bought a set of soft braces from They are called the Ossur Foot Up brace. I just started using them in therapy. They hold the foot up. One piece goes around the ankle above the bones over your sock. The other goes around the arch which has a strap that you pull up to snap into the ankle part. There is another way to use them with laced shoes which comes with the purchase. Worth a look anyway. They were $278.00 and insurance does not cover them as medical device under Medicare. They have a return policy but they deduct 15 % for stocking fee.
P.S. Thanks for the feedback on drop foot. I’ll ask my doctor if he has heard of recovery from drop foot. We are in a vey special club that nobody can really understand except us. God bless.