Social Unlife !!

August 17, 2008 at 11:31 pm

Boy – that’s a good one. I would say that my social life has been overall the biggest loss since I have been ill.

I wasn’t a huge party girl, but I liked to go out from time to time. I also liked to entertain – dinner parties, bbqs, etc.

Now, I don’t drink, I find it hard to stay up late, and the physical and mental effort of planning and having a bbq or dinner party seems overwhelming most of the time. Cause it isn’t just the getting ready; it’s the event itself you have to get through! Drinks after work – I am exhausted by then, so all I want to do is go home!

My social life has shrunk to just the few people that I feel comfortable around (i.e. no explanations necessary). btw, my parents and family live in North America, so don’t see them too much!

We get invites, we accept them – then hubby mostly goes alone. I can’t face it. I do go from time to time, but it is a major effort.

I do think that I need to be better at this, but I don’t know where to start. It does seem too hard.

So – it isn’t an odd question – I think yuo will find lots of people have this type of issue to varying degrees!

Any advice gratefully accepted.