Social Security Disability

December 25, 2006 at 1:53 am

Merry Christmas to you too Grawplyr. We certainly do partake in Christmas and try to live according to the will of God. Though sometimes our “inner translator” of God’s will for us can get the story wrong.

As far as the money goes for my 2 sons, they paid me backpay for 5 months for each of them. That was two individual deposits. Then they sent me a check for 5 months of backpay for me. Then starting in January I will receive my payment for December and two payments for the boys. To my understanding they are not taking funds from my disability ammount to get the boys’ payments.
I actually feel pretty good about the money I will be receiving because I also get child support and with this income we should be able to carry on with little pain. My husband spends most of his time taking care of me and then coaching basketball. He also volunteers to coach for our son’s 4th grade basketball team. So this income will allow him to focus on me and the basketball teams.
I actually received money before I received any letters from SSD explaining their decisions and what to expect. When I run out of the money I had from before, I had to cut short an annuity and an IRA, I expect to apply for medical assistance for myself.
I am really hoping to get into remission so I can get the gastric bypass surgery. I have gotten so Huge, part of me thinks that the disease seems worse just due to the extra weight. I was not small when all this started. But now the extra weight really drags me down and it is hard to discern if this symptom is due to the CIDP, or to the extra weight. Exercise is not working so well for me. Anyway, I guess I will have time to figure it out.
Happy Christmas,
Jan B