Social Security Applications

July 31, 2006 at 4:36 pm

If you do a keyword search on social security on this forum, I’ve posted previously some important resources that could help you. You need remain focussed and clear in your answers, quantifying how many times he can stand, how many steps he can take, how much rest (for how long) before he can resume the activities. Also, they will be looking at his activities of daily living … can he bathe, feed, cook, wash clothes, breathe, talk, walk, etc. and for how long, then compare this with what is required for his job. You may find it easiest to sit with the neurologist with the social security papers in hand so he/she can ask questions, testing grip strength, etc. with you present before answering the questions.

There is an appeal process, that you must now follow to do this, since he was initially denied. Getting copies of your medical records, hospitalizations, specific tests related to the disease process and attaching them to the appeal documents might help you with the appeal.

The post-polio institute with Dr. Richard Bruno’s help, has a lot of great information on how to gain entry to these benefits with very similar functional limitations. He has been a regular contributor to New Mobility Magazine in a monthly column that you will also find helpful in your quest for benefits. The Independent Living Centers (look in the government white pages of your phone book) also provide much needed advocacy assistance to patients with GBS/CIDP.

Finally, don’t forget the Muscular Dystrophy Association, as this can be a great resouce for referrals, resoruces, and adaptive equipment if you can’t afford it yourself.