So you are mad? Well-go defy the odds!

September 4, 2009 at 8:02 pm

Get even! Understand your condition, get the treatments you need even if it takes A DOZEN neuros to do it!
As to the whole “WHY ME?” aspect? To that I can only say WHY NOT? You are alucky one to be chosen with a ‘rare disease’ and well, look at the ODDS of getting this stuff? It is, really, all in the roll of the ‘dice’ of life.

Go take a web ‘gander’ at coping with chronic diseases, and learn about how to turn that anger into a positive thing. I turned it into learning about my CIDP and from that perspective, I have also learned how to deal with ALL the complications of life this imposes on us. From parents to spouses-read a lot of past posts from good folks here who are coping with it all.
Since my own diagnosis of CIDP, I have also been diagnosed with [B]THREE[B][/B][/B] other immune conditions, and I am still around Kicking **** or whatever! Also, you mite take a look at MS support groups? As they are also victims of the dreaded ‘demeyelination’. You can learn a LOT from their strengths and coping mechanisms. The big “D” issue is what we have in common.

And YES! You are allowed to have a multitude of pity parties! Comes with the territory! Life can go totally SOUTH with such medical problems… Let it out and then GET ON WITH WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!

Heaps of hope and let us all know how things are going – There are good folks here to help as best we can.