So who is exercising?

February 13, 2007 at 8:07 pm

Kit, seems like not many of us are in a regular routine, unless it is with physiotherapy. It’s hard to get myself motivated when that “fatigue factor” is always lerking nearby.
Since your original thread on the exercise family, I’ve been more faithful here at home with my routines. I don’t do the same thing each day. Even when I taught exercise classes, pre-GBS, I always stressed to use alternate muscles when exercising daily. So I’m trying to practice what I preached.
Had a “snow day” from school today and called all my friends who are teachers to see how they were spending their day off. My husband decided to tear into a kitchen project we have been putting off. I hate seeing hime working so hard on projects we used to do together, so my exercise today was stripping wallpaper. I’m pooped!
But I do feel like I was able to help out a bit more than I had been. I just hate feeling so extrememly exhausted afterwards.
Oh well, there is that sense of accomplishment in having done something productive.
Keep the thread going…
I see Liz mentioned the exercise family in another area. Thanks Liz, maybe we’ll get a few more to join.

Be well