So I am really not crazy?

September 26, 2010 at 10:25 am

Hi everyone, Nolan good luck!

I have been wondering the same questions. Currently my doctors are trying to figure out what is “wrong” with me. When asked to explain my symptoms it appears to sound crazy, temperature staying between 96.6 and 97.3, fatigue (especially be the end of the day), sleeping an average of 8-12 hours a night, being off balance and stumbling especially when first waking up or when very tired, vision going blurry throughout the day, and the feeling of jolts or like nerves are crossing and zapping. They are currently checking my iron levels and thyroid, however they are not sure what to do after that except send me to a neurologist. It has been 13 years since i have had MF, and I am just getting ready to turn 29 years old…any help, thoughts, or support?