snake oil

October 13, 2006 at 12:45 pm

Actually bird oil. Ads and testimonials say this stuff will help with just about everything.

I was extremely skepitical when it was recommended to me 5 years ago – especially since its biggest sales pitch is for muscle pain relief. However, emu oil does work as a temporary relief on my extreme foot pain days. All I was looking for was enough of a break from the burning/stabbing/zinging/etc so that I could get to sleep. I was thrilled.

Here is a UK site

I have also tried some expensive stuff using geranium oil and tea tree oil. It worked but the emu oil has been the most help for the least cost.

I take 3200mg of gabapentin a day and have excellent pain management as long as I do not over do. The best help for the daily night time increase in pain is a leg and foot massage. My unscientific theory is that there is an increased blood flow which helps the nerves settle down. Even using the cheapo wood foot rollers while sitting in front of the TV will help.

I am constantly looking for a magic bullet for my CIDP. I take a slew of supplement pills everyday because they have proven helpful in my personal experience over the past 6 years. (Other people here, including our own Dr. David, think supplements are a waste of money.)

On the old forum there used to be a theory that extra pain meant the nerves were finally healing and reconnecting – so pain was a good sign. (Sometimes you have to work at optimism.)

Your husband has my sympathy. Pain control is so complicated and frustrating. And you have my admiration for trying so hard to help.

Hugs to you both,