March 7, 2007 at 11:02 am

Hello Everyone,
First I would like for everyone reading this to stop right now and take a moment just to smile. Now didn’t that feel good.

Sorry I’ve been so long in getting back to everyone. I’ll try now to answer your questions.

Chrissy you asked about where we live. We live in oklahoma. Bill owns a place In the country just outside of a little town called Jones. Just east of okla. city. I’m living in Okla. city. Bill is a Heavy equipment operator. You should see the loader he runs. It’s huge. He really misses getting up and going to work.
He has worked for the same company for 23yrs. and I don’t think he has missed work but maybe 3 times.

Hi Trudy, How is Nate doing. Please tell him that I think of him often and he is always in my prayers.

Dr. Shawn thanks for the advice. I was pushing Bill to hard with his PT. Now I know better. What would I do without you guys.

Diane so glad to hear your feeling has come back. Some days Bill can feel a little bit in his feet, other days nothing. I’m so happy it is beginning to return to his feet. I was scared he would never get any return in his feet.

Kit Bill does experience Burning in his legs and swelling in his feet. Just recently the swelling in his feet has gone down but returns when he has been sitting up for to long.

Yes, Mochacat Patience is something that we all must develop to its fullest.I am always sure to be very patient with Bill. Then I go out in the garage and pull my hair out. Got quit that, I’m gonna end up bald. Just joking. Fortunately I’m blessed with a good deal of patience. So thankful I’m not the nervous type.

John you’re still in the beginning of recovery. Just know that you will recover.

Remember to stop and smile, It improves face value.

Love you all,



November 18, 2006 at 2:38 pm

Let’s see if I learned enough.