small steroid pulse

February 4, 2008 at 7:46 pm

Most of the concerning side effects of steroids are when they are given daily or at really high doses. That dose of solumedrol is not high and it may make a big difference in the side effects of the IV IgG. Many of our kids that get IV IgG repeatedly and have some trouble with it take such a dose and it helps them a lot. If Kevie could do better with the IV IgG, this would help him tremendously both in body and spirit.

This should not affect bone growth or weight. If it affects moodiness or causes trouble to sleep, it would be mild and only for a day or two. We have kids on much higher doses of steroids for four days a month (for different autoimmune diseases) and they grow fine and have not had weight issues. The body does much better with steroids for a short time than over a long time. I do not mean to say that there are no risks, but my guess is that the benefit may well be a lot more than that small risk.

Is Kevie stumbly? this would be more concerning for a change in the neuropathy or footdrop.

Did he get the same kind of IV IgG last time? Rarely people can get inflammation in the joints or muscles from immunoglobulin. I have seen joint pain only once in lots of children getting IV IgG here (with no other explanation). Solumedrol could help this it is were that.

With Hope for cure of these diseases.