Slow Progress

August 18, 2006 at 11:09 am

Slow progress:

First hit in Jan 04 – vent 4 months left rehab in March 05 – unable to walk /or sit to stand but slowly it keeps coming back – I’m sure I had some axonal issues but in an odd way I pay them no mind – my body tells me things are happening – the messages are getting through and when they do I pounce on them along with my therapists –now doing 4 days a week( OT-PT) including aqua therapy (which is great) — have been at current rehab (outpatient) for over a year – still in a wheelchair (power) for most activity but walking with a walker a good 1500-2000 feet a day – and two weeks ago stood up from the chair and had to yell at my wife for her to see it – then just yesterday the therapist said today we will try to walk with loft strands (crutches with arm clips) -we will never know if you can do this unless we try was her comment –so we did and it might have been a bit wobbly but I made – another step in the road – I guess that makes me not think about how “slow process” is going but rather it just means “progress” is happening which is the most important thing . Yesterday there were 2 other GBS ‘ers at the rehab all of us at different stages and all of us encouraged by each ones progress –
Do your best to forget that slow word – think of the power you can pass onto your sister and let mind and body push onward….
All the best

Robert L