sleep on your right side, not your left

July 20, 2008 at 6:36 pm

Welcome to our family. MIght I suggest that you do not sleep or lay down on your left side. I have had slight atrial fibrillation for 25 years. I am a blonde of northern European heritage and we are prone to this. Twenty percent of American women have Af – they call it Click syndrome -and call us Click chicks! I can sit at the beach and tell which women have it. Our chests have a natural cleavage – those who don’t look like their breasts are glued on. I think there are other Middle Eastern countries where it is prevalent also. I have read articles that said people should sleep on their RIght side because sleeping on the left is not healthy for the heart and possibly causes unnatural heart beats. I have found this to be true. When I got GBS in 86 and in 2006 my heart went crazy due to the messed up electrical signals. I have since weaned myself off of the blood pressure pills. Taking the right fish oils helps keep the blood slippery (instead of thin) to prevent clots. I like this idea better than thinning it with Coumadin/bllod thinner.
My theory for GBS is that it hits when you are stressed out or have pushed your body too much. Was this the situation before you got it? You said you had two jobs. This is the only thing we all have in common – as far as I can see…. Carolyn