Six Weeks In -Second Opinion

December 31, 2006 at 8:57 am

Had our “family meeting” on Thursday Dec. 28 (Merry Freakin X’mas). I Was very vocal in expressing my thoughts and resaerch on the pp treatment. I was told by the new doctor that because the GBS had moved up and had not plateaued as originally thought that pp would be redundant at this time because it would jepordize his health. The risks out weigh the benifit. Dad ‘s facial muscles have now become affected. His top lip is not functioning and he cannot smile or frown. He has a sore on his tongue where he bit it. To add to the confusion of the day they had changed his respirator to a more generic type that the nurses on the fourth floor can use when he is integrated back to another part of the hospital. They want him moved out of ICU because of all the “super bugs” that may arise. They feel infection is his biggest threat at this time. The respirator alarm went off twice during the day. When I was there alone with my 16 year old son his numbers dropped to 84 and they had to manually resicitate him. They told us at the meeting he would be moved to a further corner of ICU a few hours a day. This would help with gaining his trust and eventually (in time) out the door to the main ward. When we discovered his nurse that day was an LPN and not an RN, we expressed we were not comfortable with that. Our trust is completely gone. I realize this story is jumping around alot. It was such a stresful day with the coninued care meeting and the healthcare directive plans and then all hell broke lose on the same day. This hospital is also short staffed during the holidays. I am terrified I can’t imagine how Dad feels………… Back to my original posting. Because I was so vocal a second neurologist was brought in Friday nite. He Said Dad had strong neck and head muscles. PP would not be effective at this time. The respirator problem was discovered to be that a coupler was not hooked on properly. I’m so afraid someone’s negligence could be deadly…………..