Sinus Problems

January 28, 2011 at 10:59 am

Very interesting…the frequency of sinus problems and CIDP, or just by themselves.

I, too, have horrible sinus problems. I’ve had two surgeries in the past 5 years: the first included cleaning/scraping out my ethmoid sinuses, reducing the size of my turbinates, and a septum correction. It had a large “spur” on it that was creating a problem. The second time, which was in the spring of ’09, consisted of re-doing my ethmoid sinuses, another septum repair, and, surprisingly, the removal of “dozens” of polyps from my sinuses. I was reassured that Nasal Polyps are not like colon polyps, and they rarely progress into cancers, but they DO interfere with your breathing. I have 3-4 sinus infections per year, typically, and they are hard to fully control.

I’ve also been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, about ten years ago, which causes severe vertigo, hearing loss, etc.

The interesting thing about all of this is that about a year ago, I had another bout of what I thought was a sinus infection. Went to my GP, and after about three or four rounds of antibiotics, went to my ENT for further examination. He looked around, “scoped” me, did a CT scan, and an audiology test, and flabbergasted me with his prognosis: He said that it was his opinion that I never had Meniere’s Disease. He said that while he could see a lot of inflammation and swelling, signs of mild infection, etc., there was no “cause” that he could see. No blockages, etc.

He told me that it was his opinion that I have a “Paranasal Neuropathy”, an extension of the neurologic symptoms throughout the rest of my body, and that the symptoms I started having ten years ago were probably the start of this entire process. WOW! He said my audiology results weren’t at all typical for a Meniere’s type hearing loss.

I mentioned this to a “big-wig” neurologist, and his haughty response was, “Para-Nasal Neuropathy?? I’ve NEVER EVEN HEARD of such of thing!!”. And he’s one of the “best” in the state????? I wanted to tell him to check out the website of his alma mater, Mayo, because they have a page about it… :rolleyes:

So, again, like I said in the original post of this thread…I guess it could be related, or it could be its’ own problem; I’ll probably never know. They way things are going for me now, the best bet I have for knowing what’s really wrong with me will be to die and hope they discover it during an autopsy. Course, by then, I won’t really care anymore, will I??:p