Simply? BRAVO!!!!

July 27, 2010 at 9:42 pm

And more BRAVO’s!!!!!
It is easy to say ‘stretch’ but far harder to do so… that’s why I suggest little steps or bits to punch out of the stifling scare bag.
Doing is a heap better than just beating your head against some real or phantom wall.
PLEASE! KEEP Telling us what you are doing and when you hit that ‘proverbial’ not-good wall. Others need to learn about this too. And unless it’s fresh? It is soo hard to explain!
Keep it together, and do check out duct tape as an alternative to keeping yourself together. They’ve got great colors now, from Barney Purple to Handicap Blue, to Warning Oranges and Reds. Apply where necessary!
You ARE GETTING THERE!…whereever ‘there’ should be! Good things from now on! Over the hump, so to speak… Hopefully it’s downhill from here?