January 26, 2007 at 9:01 am

Hi Sarah:

I am also new to this site but this is one of the best of that I have found
not that there is not other good ones.

I had my problems start in 1971 and to this day I still am not sure what I have. But there sure has been some nice come backs with information. I
am finding things I did not know.

My only thing to give you and maybe you already have rec. it.
You asked about a Dr. close, After my own research and from some of the forum members I found I think who may one of the formost Dr.s, maybe in the World. Dr.Gareth J. Parry who just happens to be at the University of Mn.
Fairview. I think the e-mail is [url][/url] or just go to [url][/url]
and write in Dr.Gareth Parry.

Wish I could help you more but at this point I still trying to help myself.
But I can honestly tell you the members of this site are of a great help
and help you to feel better about yourself. Plus they know they are there or have been to. Pam called me a couple days ago, we must have talked for over a good hour.
Will be thinking of you and hang in there.

Silver Hawk
David in Duluth, MN