Silver Hawk II/ Dave

January 25, 2007 at 7:07 pm

Hi Natalie:

Thanks for the reply, I have been on Neurantin twice sorry to say it did not help either time. Also have had PT that to be honest I will leave open. I have also did PT twice but that part I may not have stayed at long enough.

After talking with Pam first I should say she called me I think we must have talked a hour or better, quite a Lady. I now really wonder if I had either GBS/CIDP? So now it is back and find a good neurologist. But you made me think with the Swine Flu thing. When I got this I was in the South Dakota
Air National Guard. Right after we moved to Duluth, MN in 1999 I either heard or read some people in the ANG for sure had come down with Polio like problems. We had over a time been given many shots for various things if we were to deploy overseas. I called the Unit in Sioux Falls, I was told there had been some cases of a virus like thing but If I remember right SxFlls did not have any problems. So i do not know if there something there with the shots we were given, I had forgotten all about this. So guess I will recheck this out. My Dr. in SxFlls was also the Medical flight Dr. for the unit so will see if I can contact him. Plus a nurologist that knows something about GBS/CIDP.

Thank You for the Post. Untill Later
Silver Hawk II
David Wakefield