May 10, 2007 at 9:33 am

Hello Sheila,
Welcome to your new family, where we feel what you feel. You’ll probably get a different answer from each one of us because we are like beautiful snowflakes, no two is the same. My very first sign of CIDP was a tingling in my fingertips, which I didn’t pay serious attention to because my thyroid condition could do this, so to me it wasn’t unusual. Then my feet became numb, thyroid didn’t do that. Slowly, my legs became very weak and I was like a clock running down. I paid attention to this and to the fact that I was numb in a place you normally don’t get numb.

Fatigue is a very big part of CIDP, because of my fatigue, I do things slow and I do things in spurts and when I have the energy. But, since my thyroid condition used to cause serious fatigue, I only know which is which when my thyroid is under control.


December 29, 2006 at 1:18 pm

I just found this site last night. How great.
My husband is 13yrs post GBS. He made a great recovery. Except for some breathing issuses. But I am starting to see signs. His muscles are breaking down if that makes sense. When he bends his arm at the elbow, just above the eblow looks hollow, bowl like. We ask the doctor about this and he took x-rays but found nothing wrong.
He has more “flu like” day’s. Which I think are fatigue. And MOOD swings like crazy. Should we be asking our Doctor to check him for a relapse?