Short answer?

August 25, 2008 at 11:32 pm

NO. And not likely for a while.. You can’t/shouldn’t have received infusions/transfusions or innoculations for at least a year plus or the like……I think more.
First look up the ‘FDA/Blood products’ web site. Learn all about the regs regarding IVIG and where it all begins and ends…. There are gaps.
Next Look up the ‘American Red Cross Blood Donation Process’ and see what all is included and excluded for donors. The list of exclusions is extensive and anyone who has had any kind of ‘transfusion’ [infusions are in this category] are excluded if in the past X-Y years. Or, look up your local hospital’s blood bank and see what their application form looks like…It’s pretty comprehensive and serious.
Oddly enough? About Organ Donations [I have explored this] it seems to vary from state to state…then vary about your medical history and which/what organs they might want. I was assured by my state that IF this all comes to consideration, that I would be tested for ‘compatabilities’ extensively. I have asked about this as I am listed as an organ donor, but wondered myself…. I received, essentially, muzzy fuzzy answers relating to no absolutes due to the fact that I’ve other med issues going along w/the CIDP I have. However, I was ‘assured/reassured’ that if anything could be ‘donated’ it would.
I believe that in some instances, our immune issues aren’t an issue with some organs/parts and with others they may or may not be an issue at all. Honestly? Should the time come, I suspect I won’t care-but I sure hope someone else can benefit.
I sure wish I could be more ‘definitive’ about this all. From what I gather it’s all a ‘case-by-case’ kind of thing. Hope this helps!