Shingles are easy to stop

February 22, 2007 at 10:56 pm

Years ago I backpacked through Europe alone…..10 countries from Spain up to Norway. My pack was stolen in Nice, France after the first week and I had 5 weeks left. When I got home, I broke out in Shingles. The dermatologist told me I had FLEAS! I told him fleas weren’t that smart to follow a day to day pattern going from behind my ear to my chest and then to the other side of the chest and back up to the other ear. He gave me a prescription for flea powder. Can you imagine???? I later found out it was Shingles. I looked it up in my vitamin books and they said to take Vitamin C. I got rid of it in 2 days. All of the people whom I have helped since then have gotten rid of them as easily as I did. So skip the creams and the pain. If the shingles don’t leave, then you are not taking enough. Simple.
As for herpes, yes, vitamin C will work for that also BUT lysine is needed. I have been blessed not to get cold sores or other herpes infections, but a friend who went to leading doctors in NYNY with no avail, was helped by the lysine. People are amazed that it is so easy.