She was tiny!

August 12, 2008 at 9:20 am

She was so tiny that I actually did not think she would make it! Thanks to research online, it gave ways to raise and bottle feed babies. It was every two hours feeding the first week, with patting her bottom with wet wipes to stimulate her bladder and bowels. Then after feeding you had to burp her like a regular baby. So I feel like I had a new born baby around for a while. It was touch and go at first not sure if she would survive without a mother. But she liked what I was doing and now am her adopted mommy. She is eating food now but at least once a day throws a temper tantrum and want her bottle! Having a time trying to wean her from the bottle. She sleeps under my neck in my hair every night and is so loving. Hope this made a smile on someone’s face today!