March 18, 2010 at 7:28 am

Thank you everyone for your prayers. We believe in prayer around here! They want to put Selah out to do an MRI on her wrist and then at a later date out her out again to put the steriod shot in. I have been awake through the night just thinking about her being put out twice. I think I am going to call today and say, why can’t we just do the infections and skip the MRI. Her being sedated all the time is crazy. Be glad if you or your child are old enough to stay still. The weird thing is that the potential tx for reactive arthritis for Parvo 19 is IVIG given over a five day period. This is kind of at the experimental stage but a weird coincidence. They have found that when they take a needle and draw some of the fluid out of the joint that they is still virus sitting in there and I guess the ivig combats that last little bit and stops it from attacking the joint.

P.S. When my other child has even a small medical complaint, I usually brush it off as he is the “well” child. He has been complaining of his knee hurting. I hope it is nothing. He is so pigeon toed that that cannot be helping his knee. He has been chosen to participate in the “Math Olympics” program at his school today and it is a big deal. I gave him a motrin and sent him on his way.