Second Opinions and Integrative, alternative treatments.

June 22, 2011 at 10:17 pm

As to the first, regarding 2nd opinions, I like to fly SWA specials to where ever they go for the discount fare of choice (usally $99 or $109) after I score an appointment somewhere. A secondary consideration is will your insurance pay for it and will the Center you choose accept your Insurance?

As to Integrative and Alternative medicine, the scope of your question is too all encompassing, ranging frrom symptom relief to curing CIDP, is that about right?

There is a clinical trial for Alpha Lipoic Acid and CIDP. Some folks here, including myself, have tried various combinations of stuff for symptom relief.

You must find, by trial and error, what works for you while keeping your doctors fully aware of what you are doing (or want to do).

If you find a doctor who treats you as a whole person, please let me know.

The trouble is this- heart doctors, neurologist, gastroenterologists, and on and on all treat their own specialty, by design. And, it’s just my observation, watch their eyes glaze over and their ears slam shut if you try to talk about something else then their own specialty.