Savella Thread here

May 17, 2010 at 4:08 pm

[QUOTE=Gary Erwin]I haven’t had the pleasure yet. Is the procedure an after hours thing? Can someone work the next day? Is it done in a hospital or office evironment? How is it paid for? Is it to help with the symtoms or the the disease? Just curious, it could be next for me?[/QUOTE]

Hi Gary,

I see you put IVIG in your question title. This is a thread on Savella, an oral medication. Are you referring to IVIG infusions or the medication Savella?

If you are interested in IVIG infusions, you should start a new thread (include your specific details, condition, etc.) and there will many people to help you out!!!

You may even want to search for existing threads on IVIG to see what is out there.