August 29, 2008 at 7:56 am

Hi Jamie,

Yes, some of the units work better with microsoft word and all.
Some can view but not edit etc. I looked at the Blackberry, the motorola,
they can be intimidating even if your computer savy. Classes for some types would take out some of the pain. Spending 8-10 hours gettting familiar in not uheard of. I went for the bigger screen for reading, wanted internet of course, and personal email. still working on hammering out some of the bugs.
If I don’t like it. I’ll swap it out. They are a very useful tool. I am a bit electonic oriented. you should see my work station, I have probably 4-5 different things plugged it at any one time. Its getting complicated. thats my fault. Nice to hear from you.

see ya, Have a great day.