Same for me

April 3, 2007 at 12:34 pm

I’ve experienced essentially the same thing you have. When I was finally diagnosed w/ CIDP in July, I could barely walk, couldn’t rise from a seated position, and my hands/arms were becoming useless. The IVIG worked miracles on all of those (motor) problems. I continue to get 1 infusion regularly (first every 4, then 5, now 6 weeks). Each time my neuro measures my strength, it gets better. But the sensory symptoms — numbness in parts of feet, burning/tingling soles of feet, crawly feeling in calves (what I call “microtwitches”), extra sensitivity — all have remained the same. I’ve even developed some new problems, like hand tremor and vision problems. But as annoying as all that is, it truely is great to be able to walk steady and faster, stand up, climb stairs, open jars — all that stuff that I had lost. I’m hoping for both of us that evenutally some of these sensory symptoms also will improve or at least stop progressing. Best wishes,