Same drug/Different supplier

July 5, 2006 at 7:33 pm

My IVIG has been shipped for three months from a large pharmecutical company. The IVIG had been $ 100 per gram and this company charges $ 165 per gram….Medicare had been acccepting it straight from Baxter but not through this private company-it’s the same drug. It’s now considered a NON-drug and Medicare doesn’t see it on its list of approved treatments for CIDP.

My neuro just couldn’t get it and so went with this new supply. I just realize by recent med statements that it was being denied by Medicare….I can’t have it go all toward my secondary BCBS.They are taking the full hit and I have a lifetime cap.It’s over $ 30,000 a month on my BCBS—whew”” 😮

Anyone had luck asking BCBS to have the IVIG considered as a pharmacy drug?? Thanks.